11th December 2021

Omicron: yep, a new variant, and so we’re back to square one. It originated in South Africa, one of the least vaccinated countries, and is an inevitable consequence of that. We keep blethering on about how great our vacination programme is, but the reality is even in the UK we have only 60% vaccinated. The official stats claim 77% but thats bollocks because it excludes twelve million under-18s of whom only 350,000 have been vaccinated.

So now the new variant is taking off and its not good. Its more infectious, more mutated and although it seems to spread more slowly, it seems just as dangerous if not more so. And two doses of vaccine do not seem sufficient, the booster seems essential.

I’ve been triple jabbed but Mary can’t get her third dose till 23rd Dec and many people will be waiting till 2022.

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