Update July 2022

Well its been an eventful few months.

Following my last March post when i tested +ve for covid, i got so bad i ended up going into A&E on a Friday evening. I was triaged then sent home but with a promise of antiviral treatments. The nurse came to our house on Sunday and gave me the treatment. It worked, you will be unsurprised to learn 🙂

Mary has also been ill with a chest infection. In early july it got scary, she started having palpitations, dizziness, crushing chest pain etc – all heart attack symptoms. We called 999 who sent an ambulance within 45 mins. We spent the night in hospital before getting the all clear thankfully.

Meanwhile, scandals and corruption continued to erupt amongst the government, Johnson continued to exercise bad judgement and to lie about it. Bizarrely though it was a sex scandal that finally brought him down. A tory MP was accused of gropping other men at a do, and then it came out that he’d previously done it, been reprimanded – and then given a job by Johnson – in the whips office, with responsibility for investigating complaints about misbehaviour. With the govts popularity crashing, and labour showing a 20% lead in the polls, they finally forced johnson to resign.

Not till after several days of him clinging on, like a petulant child demanding to be allowed to stay up late. And even when he finally resigned, his speech was all of blame for others and no acceptance of his faults. He even planned a wedding party at Chequers, which was then cancelled due to public outcry – and then went ahead anyway. Typical of these bastards. They plan something, everyone complains, they say they won’t do it and then go ahead anyway.

Anyway hes done. The replacement will be Truss or Sunak, most likely Truss. The woman is the vainest, stupidest, most venal person this side oh Johnson. Honestly, its a nightmare.

Meanwhile, covid is on the rise again – 1100 people died last week, up 50% from the week before. Its not bloody over, the govt is just ignoring it and no longer cares if people die. These fuckers need to be got rid of.

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