31st March 2022

Well, it finally happened again. I tested +ve for covid yesterday. I had a pounding headache on Monday, felt better on Tuesday and then terrible on Wednesday. I did an LFT and within minutes there was a very strong line. Now done a PCR too, waiting for results. I may then be eligible for antiviral drugs, i should find out in a few days.

Nationally things continue to get worse. Even though tests are no longer generally available, case numbers are rising sharply. The government has abandoned all health measures and literally is gaslighting us, going on telly and saying things like “we’re first nation in the world to beat covid”, “its all over now, we’ve won” and bullshit like that.

Matt fucking Hancock even blogged that he was super proud of how we held covid at bay till everyone was vaccinated. Well, aside from the 180,000 who died and the couple of million with long-term medical conditions, and the 38% – nine million adults and twelve million children – who are not vaccinated at all. They lie, and lie, and lie and they just get away with it because everyone is bored and wants to pretend its all fine now.

And meanwhile the Met have issued 20 fines for Partygate, but Johnson still says no crimes were committed, and continues to lie to parliament and the people. He’s worse than a charlatan.

Fuck them all.

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