28th December 2021

Honestly its difficult – again – to know where to start.

In the last week Covid case numbers have exploded, up from about 40,000 to 120,000 a day. The govt has done nothing, not a fucking thing, in England. They’ve literally said to us that its all fine, everything is just fine, there’s nothing to worry about. Various MPs are saying “hooray, the will of the people has prevailed”, as if people’s desire to drink in pubs and go to the gym is more important than their lives. What these cunts mean is, they don’t want to lose money on their profitable side-jobs, and and its too expensive for them to take measures because it would damage their profits. They’re utter murderous swine.

Meanwhile hospital admissions are up 16% in a week, and it can only get worse. There is also a shortage of test kits, and PCR tests are taking weeks to come back, meaning people having to isolate for much longer than previously. Of course as a result, people are breaking quarantine, not testing, ignoring even basic common sense. I am beginning to wonder if we’ll ever make it out of this.

Meanwhile various people are saying its time to stop listening to scientists and just “live with it”. Oh sure, tell that to the 150,000 dead people, and the couple of million with permanent health damage. “Living with it” should mean keeping it down, keeping it out, not just letting it run wild and kill people. We live with rats, not by letting them eat our clothes and piss in our food, but by keeping them out of our houses and exterminating them if necessary.

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