21s October 2021

Where to start? Its been a while.

Since i last posted in July, things have continued to get more and more ridiculous. Precautions have been thrown to the wind, most people are taking little or none, and as a consequence cases have rocketed to 50,000 a day. Deaths have not risen as fast but are running at 150-200 a day. Over ten thousand people have died since “freedom day”, and the death toll is actually worse than last year. 327,000 cases in the last week, 912 deaths, 6000 hospitalised. All about 10% up on the previous week.

Its insane. Its like people literally don’t care any more. Yet ten thousand families have lost a loved one. How can our society have become so awful?

The government is doing NOTHING. They put out press releases saying that we’re doing great but they’re “keeping an eye on things”, which means doing nothing. Fucking Johnson went off on another freeby holiday paid for by a rich chum. That utter arse Rees-Mogg says Tories don’t need to wear masks because they’re a Fraternity of Kindred Spirits or some meaningless crap. Translation: a collection of selfish pricks.

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