6th July 2021

I don’t know where to start. Despite the rapid rise in daily new cases, from 2000 a month ago to 28,000 today, the govt is determined to scrap all safety measures in less than two weeks. No masks, no social distancing, no rules on capacity, no quarantine if infected, nothing. Same in schools, no more bubbles, no isolation, no requirement to track or trace.

Experts are uniformly horrified. At the *current* growth rate there will be a million new cases by 19th July. 10% of these will have long term health side-effects. Around 0.3% will die. And thats just the start. Today we’re still allegedly taking precautions, though badly. Once protections go, the rates will probably rocket.

And how will the govt handle this? It won’t. Its all now about “personal responsibility” – but for example masks don’t protect the wearer, they protect others. And does the govt really think that the footy fans and lager louts of this world give a shit about other people?

Imagine if we took the same attitude to seatbelts or drink driving, or carrying a knife, or spiking people’s drinks. Its the most ludicrous and stupid idea ever. But they’re doing it. Why? Because they don’t want to be bothered any more. And doubtless, Someone somewhere is losing money and is threatening to withdraw support for Liar Johnson unless he kowtows. He doesn’t care of course, all he cares about is banging every piece of skirt he can and poncing about pretending he’s important.

And meanwhile, brexit continues to bite. Food shortages are beginning, not badly yet but beginning. The new trade deals are starting to shaft british farmers and business. Which seems odd doesn’t it? You’d have thought the tories were all about rural communities and industry, the traditional heartland of their support. But not these tories, no. These tories are not the tories. They’re the disaster capitalist, isolationist, populist racist brigade. They don’t care if they lose votes amongst workers because they’re already introducing voter suppression laws that will stop the vote in poor or working class areas, and the only industries that matter will do just fine if standards collapse and they can employ desperate people for pennies to make dangerous shoddy crap.

Thats where we’re at. We’re fucked unless we get these bastards out.

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