23rd June 2020

Over the last week the Govt have been slowly lifting restrictions. Today they announced that the 2m rule is reduced to “one metre plus” whatever that means and from 4th July pubs, restaurants, hotels, theatres, cinemas, zoos and hairdressers can reopen.

This is NOT based on scientific advice however, despite govt claims. SAGE has gone public to say that their advice has been ignored and the govt is apparently now relying on advice from a secret Joint Biosecurity team in whitehall. Their advice and science has NOT been published.

As always the advice is wishywashy and ill defined. For example Johnson said people would be encouraged to use “mitigation” – such as face coverings and not sitting face-to-face – when less than 2m from each other but “where it is possible to keep 2m apart, people should”.

So that means its ok to sit face to face if you can’t avoid it? And face coverings are not mandatory, but encouraged?

This is all fairly simple to understand really though

  1. Govt want to reopen business so they can resume making money.
  2. Govt wants to avoid responsibility, hence making everything ‘advisory’
  3. so if you get ill, it’ll be your own fault. I bet insurance won’t cover it either.

Meanwhile my firm has confirmed we will continue working from home till at least October, and in all likelihood our “on premises” footprint will never be the same again. Good.

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