15th June 2020

No posts for a few days as i have finally been able see my children for the first time since February!
At the start of June the govt lifted restrictions yet more and we arranged for them to come here on the 4th for ten days. David’s 18th birthday is tomorrow so it gave us a chance to have a celebration for him. It was lovely to see him and Catriona though of course we’re all still worried.

Meanwhile here and in the US there have been a lot of protests, not about lockdown but about the death of a black man at the hands of police in the US. Finally anger boiled over and there were protests all across the US and Europe, despite lockdown laws. The Black Lives Matter slogan continues to be prominent.

The number of new deaths in the UK continues to decline, but there have been some definite roadbumps. There was a clear rise in the number of deaths 2-3 weeks after the ill-advised VE Day celebrations, and i expect further “second waves” to come now that they’ve said some shops can open.

Incredibly, people were queueing to get into Primark and Nike shops this morning. Honestly, whats worth that?

Queue outside Primark

Restrictions are still in place though.
– two metres social distancing from non-household members
– compulsory facemasks on public transport and public spaces
– compulsory facemasks in hospitals for everyone
– still not allowed to make unnecessary journeys

Still, things do seem to be improving.

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