1st July 2020

Leicester went back into Lockdown today, before we’ve even really reopened. A large spike in cases triggered it. The govt has come in for a lot of stick, and rightly so. Apparently the centralised track and trace system was informing *individuals* about their exposure, but not the local health authority who were therefore unable to take any preventative action. Sounds like a typical govt shambles:(

The US gets worse. Many states are experiencing bad outbreaks, and Texas, Florida and California have had to reimpose lockdowns. The comparison with other countries is shocking and the number of cases shows no sign of slackening. Trump has, absurdly, suggested that if only they stopped testing, then the number of cases would stop rising. Well, no. The number of *reported* cases would stop rising, but …. the man truly is a total moron.

In other news, Catriona has a job, working in a pub from Saturday. She called to check I was ok with it. Of course its her decision not mine. She needs to eat and they need workers so of course she should take it. We’ll just have to be careful next time she comes to visit.

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