25th May 2020

So another fine, sunny and pleasant bank holiday weekend. Which could be disastrous.

Since i last wrote, the government have relaxed restrictions yet further. Unfortunately the number of daily deaths has not fallen as fast as hoped, and today hospitals are tweeting that they’re seeing more and more cases.

Meanwhile the govts credibility is in tatters. It emerged on Friday that in late March, Dominic Cummings, chief advisor to the PM, left his home in London and drove to Durham with his sick wife and child, so that he could be close to his parents should he also become ill. They remained there for two weeks, all the while pretending to the press that htey were in London. His wife even wrote an article for the Spectator in which she described their trials, carefully worded to avoid letting slip that they had fled the capital.

Lets be clear about that. Two days earlier his boss was on the TV telling people to Stay At home, Protect hte NHS, Save lives. He also said explicitly that we should remain at home except for essential travel such as food shopping, to collect mediation or go to work if unable to work from home, that if we were ill we must remain at home in isolation for two weeks, and we should not take children to grandparents who are more vulnerable.

And yet Cummings did all three. Of course, his chums in cabinet have all rallied round, claiming it was an essential journey and it was all ‘for hte sake of the children’.

Bollocks. Utter bollocks. He broke the law, he broke quarantine. He deliberately took an infected person 250 miles away, he deliberately went to his parents, and he should be sacked and fucking sent to jail.

But he is not being. His buddies are rallying round, he’s being exonerated. To say that the mood in the country is ugly, is to put it midly.

And those of us who have obeyed the law, who have stayed home, not seen our children or parents or grandparents for months, or who have had to watch via zoom as loved ones died, are livid.

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