12th May 2020

Over the weekend the govt lifted some restrictions. Unfortunately the message was muddled, confusing and contradictory. You must not visit relatives but you can go to work but you can meet ONE relative in an open space, but not two, but you can go anywhere but you must be home by bedtime, but you must remain two meters apart and you must not use public transport – unless you have to in which case wear a mask but don’t wear one indoors.

The effect was instant – people started flocking back to parks and beaches, driving to work on Monday, clogging the shops, roads and parks.

And people have, quite literally, been saying its all nonsense and there’s no risk. One of my friends who works in a shop had a customer licking her fingers and handling all the produce. When Karen spoke to her she said it was all nonsense and she was quite safe. Karen pointed out that she had an 88 year old granny, and the customer – i kid you not – said well she’s going to die anyway so, so what…

I could punch a window, quite honestly. I truly hope that woman’s mother comes down with it. Or even better, she herself.

The govt continues to make confusing and contradictory statements. BlowJob last night made the most absurd set of statements which made no sense and have left everyone free to make their own guesses.

At least the furlough scheme has been extended. And allegedly employees will be able to report unscrupulous employers who fail to enable social distancing.

Meanwhile the TRUE number of dead in the UK is now estimated at 50,000, considerably more than the 33,000 official tally. This is the number of ‘excess deaths’ over the normal level.

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