3rd May 2020

Well, Boris came back to work on Friday, and the first thing he said was that we’re past the peak. Bullshit. We may be past the peak of *hospital* deaths, but we’ve only just begun counting care homes. The death total keeps on rising and daily deaths is not showing signs of falling significantly. Deaths on 2nd may, 621, average over last ten days 703+/-136 puts the number well within one std dev.

My concern of course is that the right wing papers were full of “yey, we beat the virus!” stories, and people will now expect things to ‘return to normal’. They’ll stop social distancing, they’ll start having parties, barbecues etc. And employers will insist staff return to offices and shops. Pretty soon we’ll have Wave 2, another 30,000 deaths and so on.

Already the BBC is reporting 9% of people are ignoring the rules, though some are regretting their decision, and more will probably do so in a couple of weeks. The excuses are extraordinary – driving 30 miles was our ‘daily exercise’, i needed a haircut, i got bored, my friends did it so I joined in. FFS.

Meanwhile today’s papers are full of how near-death fucking Johnson was. So effing what? Many people have been. Many didn’t have the same luck as that fat, self-satisfied, overprivileged arse. Fuck him and his self-aggrandisement.

When this is all over, god help us if people keep voting for these bastards. If they had acted in Feb, instead of poncing around hospitals shaking hands with the sick – i bet he regretted that in the dark hours a few weeks later – telling it it was just flu, that we could take it on the chin etc, then maybe an estimated 40,000 would not have died prematurely.

And as for the utter shits who say “well they were probably going to die anyway” – try telling your mum that as she’s gasping her last, or explaining to your kids as granda suffocates in his bed that he was gonna die anyway so meh whatever.

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