30th April 2020

No idea where the last week has gone. Since last Thursday, the UK has gone past 20,000 dead, realised that several thousand had gone uncounted in care homes, and debated coming out of lockdown. It feels far too early: deaths are still rising and we’re no nearer to testing and controlling spread.

Many people however seem to think its “all over” already. Idiots like Tim “Weatherspoons” are talking about reopening pubs in June. This is only so he can make money, of course. He doesn’t really think it’ll be safe for staff or customers but he doesn’t give a shit about that.

Talking of care homes: the official stats now include care-home deaths which added 3000 overnight to the ‘score’ As of today the totals stand at 171,000 cases in hospital and 26,000 dead. Thats the 3rd worst in the world, just behind Italy. The US of course is “world leader” with over 62,000 dead and a million casualties.

In US, the death toll now exceeds US casualties in World War 1 (53,000) Korean war (33,000) and Vietnam War (47,000) and is closing in on Confederate Army casualties during the Civil War (75,000). Here in the UK, the coronavirus has now officially killed more Londoners than the Blitz in the same time period. More deadly than the Nazis and the Commies.

Of course that isn’t stopping idiots here and in the US claiming their rights are being infringed. Even Elon Musk got in on the act. FCOL, your rights are being preserved by keeping you alive to exercise them.

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