20th April 2020

Nothing much to report recently. The numbers keep rising – 125,000 cases, 16,500 dead in the UK, 785,000 cases, 41,000 dead in the US – but at least in the UK it seems to be slowing. We’re still under quarantine but today i went out for the first time in over a month. I had to – the doc insisted i came in for a blood test. If i get ill in ten days i’ll know why.

In the US it continues to be idiotic. First trump claimed he was all-powerful and could order by diktat. Then he claimed it was all the states’ governor’s faults. Now he’s inciting open rebellion against state authorities – seriously. There are stupid protests going on, small numbers of moronic mountain men and women convinced the lockdown is all a “gubmint plot to take away dere gunz”and that sort of bollocks – and trump sent out a series of “LIBERATE VIRGINIA” tweets encouraging the gun toting maniacs to rebel. The man is seriouisly fucked up. These idiots also seem to think they’re the new Rosa Parks. I mean what the actual fuck. Equating the movement for racial equality, the right to vote etc with their desire to go to hte hairdressers and eat at arbys. They’re utter morons.

Here in the UK, the govt continues to be run by bumbling idiots. There’s still a shortage of PPE, testing is still not being done, and people continue to die. Hospitals warned on Sunday that they were on the brink of running out of protective gear and were already having to reuse single-use equipment.

And bojo is coming in for it. Even the Murdoch-owned papers have been ripping him a new one, pointing out that he did nothing, not even attend COBRA, for five weeks during Feb and early March, then he went on holdiay for two weeks and told his aides not to bother him with paperwork while he sorted out his divorce and announced his engagement to the latest pregnant girlfriend. And shortly after that he conveniently caught it himself and is now in hiding at Chequers. Who is running the govt? We have no idea.

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