26th March 2020

After the shock of BJ’s announcement, the last couple of days have been filled with confusion. Too many employers have classified themselves as “critical”, anything from car parts retailers to shoe shops, in an attempt to essentially profit from the disaster despite putting their staff and customers at risk. Meanwhile other employers like Weatherspoons have sacked all their staff saying that its not their problem. The govt explicitly said not to do that, and that it’d cover their wages but these arsehole rich business men literally dont give a shit about their workforce. Tim Martin, Mike Ashley etc only care about their own wealth. And many people are still waiting to find out if they will get any help at all. Maybe today something will be announced for the 5 million self-employed and zero-hours workers.

People are also confused about ‘exercise’ – can they drive to a beauty spot for a nice walk? Can they go to the park with their kids who live with htem? The police in cornwall and devon have been saying no. Other areas are letting people. My own belief is it should be ok as long as you can keep well away from others. I suppose the risk is if you crash on the way, you’re exposing people unnecessarily.

I spoke to Jamie the other night. He seems fine, quite upbeat. The band have kitted out their basement as a video suite and intend to do youtube/tiktok/instagram videos to keep the fanbase onside. They’ve rescheduled their tour to aug/sept and Jamie is touting his recording / mixing business. He’s financially ok for now, will have to claim UB of course, but at least he’s healthy and not too scared. We did discuss the economy, will it survive etc. I said yes, but tbh i don’t know :/

We had our first death of an otherwise-healthy under 40 person today. So it isn’t just grannies and crips who will die 🙁

Mary had to go out yesterday. The chemist had not delivered our meds to the shop and we are both out. They’re not answering their phone either. So she drove into Woodstock, queued for an hour and managed to pick up our meds plus some food and petrol. Despite the situation there was a knob at the chemist who pushed in through the queue then stood in the door with his kid being a cunt. I wish i’d been there to tell him to move back. With some F words. Also, turns out the chemist have turned off their phone due to too many calls. Thats surely very dangerous, it forces people to drive. At least have a recorded message or use Social Media or something.

Still no word on whether I need to officially shield. I am behaving as if i do, though strictly Mary and i should now be sleeping separately and not eating together. My view is, if she has it, i am going to get it anyway, this house is too small. I guess i could work upstairs and she could bring me food. For 12 weeks tho.

I’ll talk to her today.

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