27th March 2020

John, marys stepfather, has tested positive. He was admitted last night with breathing problems and is in intensive care. We hope he will pull through.

Also positive today are PM Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and the chief medical officer Chris Whitty. Wishing them well, though less so for blojo.

Meanwhile, employers continue to be shits. Euro Car Parts continue to try to shaft Ant: they’ve now said he is on unpaid leave till 2nd Apr, but meanwhile they’ve set a deadline of 30th March to apply for paid furlough. Which of course he is now ineligible for. They also consider him ineligible for sick pay, and the doc won’t write him a note as employers are supposed to be reasonable. FFS. I’ve told him to “out” ECP in the papers.

And lynne is also being dicked about. She works for NYCC in a school, but her partner is high risk and is shielding. NYCC have told her she’s a key worker and must come to work on monday or be fired. In addition they’ve said they’re not applying for the govt grant to cover 80% of furloughed staff wages. Are they morons? Its free money. She asked them to put it in writing at which point they backed off hastily of course… but she’s in limbo.

Mary still isn’t well. She collapsed in the garden again this evening with breathing problems. Almost no point calling for help tho, they’re already overwhelmed. 🙁

In happier news: pete, judy and i got together for a virtual beer via whatsapp and it was lovely 🙂 We had a good hour nattering, mary joined us and we set the world to rights.

Todays score: 14,543 confirmed cases, 759 deaths, up 181 from yesterday. Still only 135 recoveries. And the confirmed number is significantly underrporting as its only hospitalised or rich, famous people who are being tested.

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