23rd March 2020

Its been a trying weekend. Mary’s cough got worse again on Friday night/Saturday morning, and on Saturday afternoon i had to call 999. They were great, got to us in about 20 mins but didn’t do that much. They said she probably has pleurisy from the cough, gave her codeine and ibuprofen and left.
So we still don’t know if she’s had it. She’s ok some of the time then in agony from the cough and pleurisy at others. She’s only fainted once which is probably good.

Meanwhile i have had a slight cough for a couple of days, and today i have a nagging headache. No fever yet. I have not said anything to Mary, i don’t want to worry her and there’s nothing we can do anyway.

I have not officially been told, but as I’m taking methotrexate and benepali I am in the High Risk group and will be told to completely isolate myself for three months. That means no human contact at all, not even with Mary. We have to live in separate rooms, cook and eat separately, use separate bathrooms or clean after each use and should never be closer together than two metres. I can’t even begin to imagine how this is going to work out.

The number of UK cases is now over 5600 and 281 have died. Still around the 1% death rate. There are still no test kits, still no routine testing except in hospital, still no REAL idea of how many are infected – though the CMO reckons at least 50,000 now. That equates to one in every thousand people. So in a village of 1500….

Over the weekend, despite govt pleas, tens of thousands of people went for walks in the park, went to the beach, went shopping. All failing to social distance, all putting their and everyone elses’ lives at risk. How many grandmas will have been killed by this Mother’s day i wonder?

Oh, and today, the TORY govt temporarily nationalised the railways to prevent them collapsing. After already guaranteeing 80% of the wages of everyone in employment. The self-employed and those on zero-hours miss out of course. Amazing how much money can be found when we REALLY need it….

Update: 21:00
So the country is now under curfew. Nobody to leave their home except for food and medicine, to make trips to work if essential, or once a day for solo exercise. All shops to shut except food and medicine. All nonessential travel banned. No gatherings of more than two people, other than with people who live in your home. Police given powers to fine and disperse.

Shit just got real for many people.

How do i feel? Relieved partly. At least now people will either behave or be dealt with. Kids messing around in the park will be sent home, parents given a warning. Morons playing footy will be sent home. Scared too though. Given the govt isn’t doing this on a whim, the science is almost certainly pointing to an even more grim outcome than i’d thought.

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