10th Dec 2020

So I’m on the mend. I was quite ill for a week or so, not bad enough to go to hospital thank goodness but still very rough. I started to feel better around the 1st of Dec and am slowly improving. I’ve been notionally back at work since the 1st though i have to take frequent rest breaks.

Mary, David and Catriona are all still negative. David is back from Cambridge staying with Bella for now, Cat flies back from Edinburgh on Sunday. We will see them for a few days over Christmas which will be lovely.

Nationally the situation is absurd. We ended lockdown and went into a tiered system, which many people seem to be ignoring just likey they ignored lockdown. The Christmas rules are insane – basically between 24th and 27th you can mix with three other households willy nilly. Critics have dubbed it “kill yer granny for Xmas” week, and others have likened it to premise of the film The Purge.

The really good news though is that we have vaccines! Four manufacturers have delivered, and two are already authorised for use in the UK. Rollout began on the 9th, targeting the most vulnerable first. Its going to take at least six months to get to most people, and even then it will be years before things stabilise, but its a start.

And an update on the US election. Trump’s own AG stated that there was no evidence of any fraud. His chief of cybersecurity also confirmed no issues – and was promptly fired. Trump has lost 49 out of 50 legal challenges, and the one he did win lost him votes. He also lost the recount in Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, where he effectively paid about $100,000 per extra vote that the recount gave to Biden. He tried taking one case to SCOTUS who flat-out rejected it 7-0 with a one-liner “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied,”.

He has one totally ludicrous case still to be reviewed, where the AG of Texas has filed a suit asking SCOTUS to strike down the results in seven other states. The case has no legal basis and no chance of success, but the Texas AG turns out to be under federal investigation for fraud and misdemeanors in office, so the thinking is, he’s angling for a presidential pardon by kissing Trump’s ass one last time.

Trump meanwhile has withdrawn from all public life except twitter, and is performing none of his duties. He even walked out of a ceremony in which he was awarding someone the Congressional Medal of Freedom. He pinned it on the guy then shrugged and walked out. The poor man was left standing there bewildered saying what the heck?

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