22nd November

Last weekend i felt rubbish which is why I booked a test. During the week I felt ok though so i assumed it’d be negative. The positive result was a surprise. Mary is upset, she feels sure she must have given it to me but there are so many other possible vectors that could have brought it in. Meanwhile she has to self-isolate for 14 days which means she’s not ‘free’ till the 29th whlie I’m released on the 25th.

Today i feel worse however. So far its just been a case of ongoing fatigue, feeling like i have mild flu and coughing more than usual. Now my throat is sore, my breathing is a a bit crackly and my chest hurts.

Meanwhile over the pond, Trump continues to deny that he lost. Two more of his lawsuits were thrown out, in Michigan and Pennsylvania, ending his challenges to the votes there. In PA, Trump had wanted to have all votes from the main democratic areas excluded but the (republican-appointed) judge said:
“court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations”…”In the United States of America, this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state,”.
In Arizona, Trumps team have given up as the adding up showed that no amount of recounting in the democratic held areas would change the outcome. A judge also threw out other challenges as it turned out the complaints were fake (Trump supporters from other states had tried to pretend to be Arizonans…)
In Michigan, Trump called for an audit of the largest county (democrat of course), and for a two week delay in confirmation to conduct an audit. The state department has told Trump that the law does not permit an audit or delay in confirmation of results.
In Wisconsin, election officials have complained that Trumps team are deliberately slowing the count by challenging every single vote. They’re apparently hoping to time the count out and then try to get the whole vote overturned in court.
In Georgia, the audit resulted in Biden winning again by much the same margin. Trump is now demanding *another* recount, which the Republican governor is saying won’t happen. He’s said that he is disappointed they lost but thats how elections work. Trump could do with learning that lesson.

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