11th October

I genuinely didn’t think i’d still be writing this blog 7 months later. but here we are. And where are we?
Firstly Trump is out of hospital and claiming its nothing to worry about. Of course, he has had five-star private medical care, experimental treatments including an unapproved drug based on embryonic stem cells, whereas his evangelical supporters will have bugger all healthcare, and especially not something made from abortions. It looks like hes going to lose the election but i worry if that will be the end of it 🙁

Over here in the UK things keep getting worse. Cases are rising. The govt’s effort, run by Dido “i lost your data” Harding, managed to guess what, lose 16,000 positive test cases so the so-called flattening last week was bollocks. [aside: they managed this because the morons were using Excel to manage massive datasets. FCOL]

In fact the situation keeps getting worse. We now have 3x more positive cases than in April according to official stats, and according to the ZOE study, the true number is about 25,000 per day already.

Hospital cases are rising sharply too, with around 40% occupancy of intensive care beds.

In the early part of the year, one in fourteen or fifteen people who tested positive went on to die. Assuming those numbers persist – and they should improve – we could be looking at 1500 deaths per week in a month or so. Of course we’re better at treating it now so that should not materialise, but its what we need to be ready for.

Who is to blame ? Well of course, the government is trying to blame anyone except themselves.

Apparently its students, who are partyaaaying instead of being sensible. Well yea, except 1st years are locked inside halls of residence – in Edinburgh they have actual hired security stoppping students leaving the building, which is surely illegal – and getting treated like prisoners. As one student pointed out when 400 kids are trapped in a building if one of them is positive, then they’ve all got it – so partying inside the halls is hardly an issue. Plus the bloody govt insisted they all went to uni, principally to ensure the universities had a revenue stream from accomodation, because no teaching is taking place face to face. Gods sakes.

Or its Northerners, who are feckless labour voters so bleh. No kidding, the latest round of measures are seriously biassed. Northern Constituencies with fewer active cases than BlowJob or Sunak’s constituencies are getting locked down while down south its all roses. Hells bells.

Meanwhile in New Zealand they’ve had fewer deaths than Oxford. Seriously.

And in the UK, deaths are on the rise. Currently the disease is mostly amongst the young – but its spreading. Deaths are back to similar levels to the 4-5 months ago and increasing daily. They’re still well off the UK peak of 1200 a day but the trend is clear. And even a rate of 100 per day equates to 8,000 more deaths by Christmas – assuming we cap it now.

And tomorrow, Monday 12th, BlowJob is expected to announce a three-tier lockdown which will disproportionately impact the north and poor. Yet again.

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