3rd October

Well, thats put the cat amongst the pigeons over in the US – Donald Trump has tested positive for Covid and is in hospital.

On Tuesday he took part in a farcial debate with Joe Biden during which he never shut up, constantly interruputed, lied, made shit up and generally turned the debate into a chimps tea party. Amongst other things, he mocked Biden for always wearing a face covering, calling him weak and scared. The next day one of Trump’s retinue tested positive, and on Thursday Trump and Melania both came up positive too. Irony doesn’t even begin to describe it. And now half his senior staff have also come down.

By Saturday morning he’d been moved from the White House to a hospital, with rumours already going round that he’s on oxygen. He’s also being treated with an untested drug and with some proper medical stuff.

Furthermore his doc slipped up and said Trump tested positive on Weds, which is interesting as Trump went to two campaign rallies that day and again campaigned on Thursday, presumably knowing he was infectious. No doubt he thought the test was wrong but now it seems he’s possibly infected many of his fans. Serves them right frankly.

Trump will probably come through this then boast that its not so bad and that we should stop worrying. FCOL.

Meanwhile over this side of the pond, the rate of increase had eased a bit, but today its shot up – 12,872 plus 49 deaths. Though they say some of this is due to underreporting in the last couple of days.

Thousands of students have now tested positive only a few weeks after going to university, though i think this is probably a reflection of the universities’ testing strategy rather than rapid spread of the disease: i reckon many of the kids were asymptomatic before they went up.

David is also at uni. With some repidation i took him up to Cambridge on Tuesday and helped him move in. He’s getting on ok, the choir is good, he’s got a solo next week and his flatmates should have moved in this weekend. I’ll talk to him on Monday hopefully.

I do worry though. Will his term go ok? Will they be sent home, or quarantined in their rooms, or will he get ill? I can only hope 🙁

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