6th May 2020

Unbelievable. Donald Trump has disbanded the US Coronavirus Task Force and is telling the States to reopen. This despite deaths topping 1000 a day and expected to rise to 3,000 a day. Already 72,000 Americans have died and this number is likely to rise to at least 140,000.

Bottom line of course is that he’s got bored with it. As we’ve seen over and over, his attention span for any project is limited to a few weeks, before he drifts off to the latest fad. And on top of that he’s personally losing money because his hotels, golf courses etc are shut down. So what if more poor, hispanic, african american or chinese americans die, why does he care?

I’d like to hope he will pay the price, not only in November by losing his re-election bid but ultimately by facing prosecution for wilfully putting lives at risk. But i doubt he will. His sort never pay for their crimes, they’re too well connected, know too many secrets.

The UK looks more hopeful. As i posted on Facebook last night the data quality in the UK is still appalling – the Std Dev of the 7 day rolling average is 30% compared to other European countries’ 10% – but it does look like the peak death rate may have been ten days ago. That puts us about 3 weeks behind Italy and Spain, and so perhaps we could consider phased relaxation by the end of May. On the other hand, our daily rates still vary hugely making this assessment very dodgy.

Of course, the govt wants to rush at it. Despite BloJob having been seriously ill, he’s already talking about how we’ve ‘beaten the virus’ as though it was an invading army we could turn back instead of literally part of the air we breathe. I expect a 2nd wave in June, and a 3rd and….

And the hidden deaths, those not reported but still due to covid-19 – we still don’t have that figure but its expected to double the total.

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