14th April 2020

Another 711 deaths overnight. Its definitely slowing down but still not at the peak.

Over in the US things go from bad to bizarre. Trump holds a daily press conference ostensibly to talk about Covid-19. Yesterday’s was instead an attack on the press. He quite seriously played a video his staff had made, showing all his own brilliance cut together with attacks on journalists. While it was playing he stood with his arms folded, alternately jeering at journalists and smiling smugly. He then boasted he’d saved hundreds of thousands of lives by stopping flights from China in late Jan. When afterwards a reporter asked him what he’d done with the time, he told her she was disgraceful, that it was disgraceful of her to say that. Every time she tried to finish the question he talked over her, blustering that there were no cases so nothing had to be done. She pointed out that there *were* cases in February and that his video had missed out the whole of Feb, and he said that her own paper reported zero cases on 17th January. Thats not a typo – he kept referring to January and saying she was wrong. When she asked him again, he said “A lot” then ignored her.

Journalists literally walked out stunned. Never in history has a US president behaved like this.

Meanwhile Trump was also claiming he had “absolute authority” in the US to decide when to lift restrictions. Yet two weeks ago he said he had “no authority” to order governors to impose lockdowns. Andrew Cuomo, governor of NY state, commented that the US does not have an absolute monarch, that it was President Washington not King George.

We always knew he was a dangerous narcissist but he seems now to have entered new territory. A megalomaniac psychopath.

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