4th April 2020

The weekend has been full of people being dicks, going to the park, to the beach, having barbecues, and the police sending them home. I despair sometimes. It seems astounding to me that people still don’t get it. They think they’re a special case, or different, or its ok because they *think* they’ve had it already. But they don’t know, and they’re not special cases. Exceptionalism again, only this time deadly. One guy in our village is still taking his kids to his ex-wife’s for 50% of the time, then bringing them back here. Her new partner is an NHS worker ffs. He claims they’ve all had it already but none have been tested so how can they know. And even if they have had it, you’re infectious for up to 14 days AFTER it clears up. He says he was ill a few weeks back but he’s fine now. Right. Is that a medical opinion or just asshattery?

Here in the UK the growth rate of new cases has slowed, down to a doubling-rate of five now, but the death rate continues at around 3.2-3.5. I doubt it will fall before mid-late April, and if morons like our villager continue to behave as they are, it may not fall then either. We now have 47,000 cases and 5,000 dead – thats 14,000 more cases than two days ago. And 2,000 more dead.

Elsewhere in the world, the total reported cases is now 1.3M, of which 333,000 are in the US. I expect it will be a million cases by next weekend, and possibly 100,000 dead in the US.  And still some states have not put in place adequate measures, and some churches were open for Palm Sunday and will be open again next weekend. Still, as someone said, its about time we had a proper scientific experiment to test the existence of God. Everyone who stays home is the control group, the churchgoers are the test. Lets see what happens eh? 🙂

Boris Johnson, the PM, is in hospital. We don’t know how serious but its hardly a surprise. The idiot was still shaking hands and boasting about it a couple of weeks ago. I just hope his partner, who is also ill, doesn’t get seriously ill or lose the baby. 

John seems better. He’s in hospital on a drip. Lets hope they keep him there till he’s well.

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