30th March 2020

Yet more senior figures in govt coming down with it. Hardly surprising since they have not been observing proper procedures – they’ve carried on holding face to face meetings, press conferences, etc. Sigh. Bloody idiots.

No further news on John, we hope he’s ok.

Considerable anger in the press about govt failures to join the EU ventilator scheme – pathetic excuses along the lines of ‘we lost the email’ – and to engage with manufacturers of PPE. Its emerged that the Dept asked mfrs two weeks ago what they could help with, but has never come back to actually ask them to help. Companies are literally standing by waiting to be told what to make. FFS.

We’re told that testing will get rolled out to NHS staff this week. All far too late. Its emerged that 25% of doctors are either self-isolating or otherwise off work ill.

We’re ok. Mary is understandably worried.

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