3rd Feb 2022

So the govt has literally abandoned the people. All controls and measures have been removed and we’re on our own. And people are dying in their thousands.

They (finally) updated the official measurements to include reinfections and deaths after more than 28 days which of course affected stats but they simultaneously removed a) the requirement to get a PCR if your LFD was positive and b) any quarantine requirements and c) any work from home recommendations.

So inevitably, people who test +ve are not getting it confirmed, and are not reporting the result, because they have to go to work and don’t want the hassle of a +ve result. The ZOE team report that LFD reports have dropped from 70 to 10% of positive cases. Thats horrendous.

So while the offical govt stats still show 90,000 new cases per day and 300 deaths, ZOE reckon the real case number is more like 200,000. The latter number is borne out by the ONS report which lags by about two weeks but also shows a sharp uptick since the rules changed.

These graphs show ONS dashboard confirmed cases vs ZOE’s estimate.


And these show ONS official confirmed cases – numbers of positives on left, numbers of tests in middle, and percentage positives on right – the % positives are rising in line with ZOE estimates- suggesting positive LFT results are now under-reported.


Meanwhile cases amongst children continue to grow, with two or three children per week dying and tens of thousands falling ill. The government simply doesn’t care – they’re so busy infighting, arguing about that useless prick Johnson and manoeuvering for position that the deaths of thousands of ‘peasants’ doesn’t matter to them.

And in other news, fuel bills are going up by 54% – FIFTY FOUR PERCENT – in April, and inflation is at 7% and food shortages continue.

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