2nd March 2021

Since i last posted, we have turned a corner. Cases and deaths have been falling, and vaccinations have been rolling out rapidly. The priority groups were indeed ‘hit’ by mid Feb, and now they’re into groups 5 and 6. I had my own first dose last week (24th Feb, the day after my birthday!).

Meanwhile, finally, a year late, the govt has introduced a quarantine on air and sea arrivals (except of course for ‘important’ people who yet again get to be plague carriers). Though it has already thrown up some idiocies, because the UK has different rules for Scotland and England and so people can fly into England and drive to Scotland, without quarantining.

On the other hand….. the govt is yet again making overoptimistic statements such as “we are on a one-way route out”. Surely, surely by now they’ve learned? But apparently not.

Anyway, the targets currently are –
8th March, schools back
29th March, people can meet outdoors (up to 6 ppl), stay at home rule ends, some sporting events resume.
No earlier than 12th April, shops, gyms, zoos, libraries etc reopen, holidays away from home allowed.
No earlier than 17th May, larger groups allowed outdoors, indoor meetings of up to 6 allowed, theatres, cinemas, hotels and B&Bs can open, international leisure travel allowed.
No earlier than 21st June, all legal limits removed. BUT people strongly encouraged to keep using masks in public transport and so on.

And as if to kick this optimism in the teeth, this week a new variant emerged, detected in three test kits. Its more contagious, probably vaccine resistant – and on the loose. One of the three cases cannot be traced because the patient filed false or incorrect contact details. So now there’s a manhunt under way to find the person, whoever and wherever they are, before they spread a new wave.

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