UKmon Research

Search Facility

Id like to be able to select a date/time, Find matching events (+/- some user-definable window), then display matching data and images

Meteor Analysis – Raw Data

I want to to do single station analysis replicating UFOAnalyser, which reads the star alignment profile, calculates Alt, Az, RA and Dec of all points along trail, calculates velocity between frames, rejects obviously-bad data based on velocity, duration, curvature, etc then calculates great circle intersecting start and end point., checks for radiants near the great circle in the right direction, compares velocity to best-guess shower association, then creates CSV files in R05B25 (UA) and R91 (CAMS?) format

Note: R91 format seems more useful as it contains station details; although it does not contain the velocity, this can be trivially recalculated.

Aside: i know i should take into account deceleration profile but my research suggests that this has limited effect during visible flight so its a good 1st approximation. Also even if UA is taking it into account, it only outputs the start/end points for ingestion into UO so it seems the info is currently lost!

Meteor Analysis – post UA

I want to run a daily process to :
– calculate shower totals by camera and overall
– save data for graphs of showers, cameras, etc for month & year
– all-sky shower association map by camera, month, year

– search for matches
– display side-by side images and raw data
– determine orbital characteristics as per UO
– display orbit map as per UO